Kanga’s problems that need a-fixin’

Oh man, this is going to be a very active page… These are listed in no particular order. The most severe problems are the transmission, engine, and battery converter issues. The other ones are not too big of a deal, but would be nice to have fixed.

  • Transmission goes into neutral when in Drive. Sometimes…
  • Engine dies when driving for extended times in very hot weather.
  • Power converter bit the dust on the last camping trip of 2017.
  • Roof leaks around the TV antenna.
  • Rarely, engine won’t restart after being run.
  • Deep cycle coach batteries could use replacing.
  • Power step mounting brackets are rusted through and falling off.
  • Dining table isn’t the right one, and needs to be replaced to work as a bed.
  • Wiring under the dashboard is a total nightmare and an utter mess. Needs totally rewired.
  • Battery light on gauge panel stays on, but the charging system appears to work just fine.
  • Small leak in rear driver’s side axle seal (not too bad at all).

Click on the links below each issue to see what I’ve done about it (if anything yet).