About Us

We are a family of 13 and this is our place to share the joys, miseries, tribulations, and triumphs of our travels and experiences with our RV (Kanga) and rad #AdventureVan (LaBeastia).

Meet the crew:


James: I’m the chief mechanic, top-gun RV pilot, and, and senior sewage technician of our adventures. If there is a wrench involved, a throttle pushed, or sewage dumped, its normally me that is doing it. Husband of Elicia.




Elicia: She’s the hottie of our adventure crew, as well as senior navigator, top chef, and boo-boo kisser. Best wife in the world.




Vicki: Mom of Elicia and amazing help on all of our adventures. General child chaser, thing finder, and kids keeper-tracker-of-er.





Jesse: Oldest offspring of the group. Not seen on these pages much because of work and school commitments. Interests include video games, board games, and travel.




Robin: Second oldest offspring. Also rarely seen on these pages because of work and adult life requirements. Interests include songwriting, playing the guitar, and fur suiting.



Savannah: Third oldest and becoming increasingly rare on our camping adventures. Such is the life of a teenager. Interests include cooking, friends, and animals.






Sage: Fourth oldest offspring. Interests include marching band, theater, and playing video games. Just like Aaron.





Aaron: Fifth oldest offspring. Interests include Marching band, theater, and playing video games. Just like Sage.




Celie: Sixth oldest offspring. Interests include cosplay, making slime, and being creative.





Jaidyn: Seventh oldest offspring. Interests include playing with animals, fire making, and spending time outside.




Nathan: Eighth oldest offspring. Interests include being outside, playing baseball, and video games (of course).





Sammy: Ninth oldest offspring. Interests include video games (of course), puppets, and running around camp.



Aurora in the fall-5

Aurora: Tenth oldest offspring. Interestes include making messes, being adorable, screaming, and not going to sleep when we want her to.