Dreaming about adventures in 2018

Its been a little bit since I posted on our blog, simply because winter had finally decided to come, and I winterized Kanga (the RV). Being our first year owning such an amazing machine, we hadn’t really thought about using it during the winter for travel, but I read about other people using their RV year ’round, and I see other people driving their RVs down the road, no matter how cold it is, so I have to re-think the idea of putting Kanga in stasis for 5 months.

I’ve decided to list out some of the ideas for trips I plan to take in 2018, some of which are probably not going to happen, but hey, I’m gonna throw all of them against the wall and see what sticks.

Trip 1: RV trip with some of the family to Ohayocon

Ohayocon is in Columbus, Oh January 26th-28th http://ohayocon.org/. This isn’t a super long trip, with Columbus being only 2 hours away. Sometimes I drive there in the morning, work a gig, and drive home that evening, but some of the kids want to do this 3-day con, and there’s no way I’ll do that three days in a row. I’m also not going to pay for a hotel, as that would be expensive and silly, as we could just take Kanga there and sleep in her! Parking was going to be the biggest issue though, as the con is right in downtown Columbus, however, the nice people at the Columbus Convention Center were super helpful to me on the phone and told me about a 24-hour per day parking lot just down the road that would accommodate Kanga, and we are simply planning on dry camping there. Because its winter, it might get cold at night, so we will have to bundle up while sleeping, and we might run the furnace in the mornings to get warm as we get ready, but we will largely just use that as a base of operations and go back there to get food and sleep. I’m going to do everything I can to keep things inexpensive, including cooking dinner in Kanga to avoid the super expensive con food.

Trip 2: April 2018: Spring canoe/kayak trip on the Great Lakes with my brothers and Jesse.

My brothers and I have a tradition of going on a springtime kayak trip each year for three days and two nights. Thus far we have only gone down rivers with individual kayaks, and camped on the shoreline whenever we get tired of paddling for the day. Its been great, but this year we are planning an expedition to Hudson Bay for a week-long canoe expedition, and we think it might be a good idea to get some open-water canoeing experience before canoeing in the Arctic Ocean (Hudson Bay is part of the Arctic Ocean, and is salt water. We’ve also decided to include me 21-year old son Jesse in the crew, so this allows us to use two canoes instead of kayaks, which will greatly increase the ease of carrying camping gear and supplies. My brother Mark wants to go to Lake Superior, but that’s a long drive, and I don’t think its feasible. My idea is to head east on Lake Erie above Pennsylvania, as there’s plenty of State Parks along the shoreline to camp in. We would use the AdventureVan to haul the canoes and gear up, so Kanga will stay home for that trip.

Trip 3: June 2018: Two weeks in Ohio with Kanga

Because we have such big plans for our 2019 Disney trip (see below), we decided to stay in Ohio for our summer vacation in 2018. We haven’t really explored Ohio’s natural beauty with the kids in any depth, and this seems like a great opportunity. We plan on taking Kanga to plenty of state parks like Salt Fork, Wayne National Forest (where you can dry camp for free and overnight camp in the forest for free too), Hocking Hills state park to see the incredible rock caves and formations, Rocky Fork state park so we can go see Serpent Mound and Wright Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton. This trip will help us sort out extended travel in Kanga (the RV), and will hopefully expose any mechanical problems with her (of which we know there are some already). Because we are saving for our big Disney trip in Januray 2019, we need to keep the trip cost low, so we will focus on free or super cheap lodging and free and low-cost adventures.

Trip 4: July 2018: A week long expedition to Hudson Bay, Ontario

This is a big one. I’ve been dreaming about traveling to Hudson Bay for decades ever since I heard about the James Bay Road when I was in my early 20’s. Technically we are planning to travel to James Bay, but its part of Hudson Bay, so I call it by that name. We are planning on taking the AdventureVan loaded with two canoes to Canada, going up the James Bay Road to the Cree Nation of Chisasibi then heading west to put into Hudson Bay for 5 days of canoeing and camping in the wilderness. Hopefully with the experience we obtain in our spring canoe trip we will have a really memorable time in the Great White North, and one of our big hopes is that we will get to see the Northern Lights which is a bucket list item for us all.

Trip 5: Decemer 2018-January 2019: Our three-week trip to Disney with the entire family.

Too large a trip to list in this post. This trip deserves its own page on the site. We want that trip to include Destin, Disney and the other parks around the area (Unversal, etc), the Florida Keys, Kennedy Space Center, and more. It’s going to cost a fortune and we are trying very hard to plan and save for it all year.

I’m sure we will do other, smaller local camping trips trips here and there with Kanga as we gear up for our 3-week trek to Disney in January 2019. Having Kanga has really opened up what we are able to dream about with our family, and we are trying very hard to take advantage of the few years we have left with the kids before they all grow up and move ahead with adult life.

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