Care and use of an old-fashioned kerosene lantern.

Here’s a short video I made showing you how to care for your lantern. I had always wanted one of these lanterns, so I found one on clearance a few years ago for $8 and learned how to use it. Around the campsite, its much nicer to have this lantern running at night than a LED light or some other battery or electric light because of its warm glow.

Another advantage to using a kerosene lantern is the fuel lasts and lasts. One filled tank will last for nearly a week of use.

The big disadvantages of a kerosene lamp is that if you adjust the wick incorrectly you’ll soot up the globe pretty badly, which will make it super dim, and you have to wait until the globe is cool again to clean it. They’re not super bright either, but for ambient campsite lighting and a nostalgic way to light the way around a campground, they’re hard to beat.

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