Our story (in short) and the purpose of this blog

IMG_4514 2Well, this post could be massive, but I’ll do my best to make it short. We are a family of 13, which breaks down to me (James), my wife (Elicia), her mom (Vicki), and our 10 kids in our blended family. You read that right, 10 (ten) kids.

We made a decision a few years ago to do our best to show our kids the country as much as we are able to while they’re still young. This started off as camping with our van (The #AdventureVan which will be part of this story) and a popup camper, but we finally got tired of the hours of setup and hours of teardown it took every time we made and broke camp. It took 2+hours to set up camp and 3+ hours to break camp. Many, many fights and arguments took place during those times and it never actually went super smooth no matter how many times we did it. There was simply too many people camping in too small an area and in too small of a vehicle to make it easy.

Fast forward to late this summer, and my wife and I decided to take a weekend to ourselves and camp with our popup in a mom-and-pop campground about an hour from home. While there, we spied a Class A RV for sale, one identical to the RV my family had when I was a teenager. Of course I had strong waves of nostalgia and I talked about the times we had in that RV all weekend. I also asked the owner of the campground what they were asking for the RV, and he came back with a price that kinda shocked me. $5,000.IMG_3825

My wife and I got to talking about it and we decided to buy it if he’d agree to come down on the price even further, which he did. He agreed to sell the RV to us for $4,000. Wow! We got the money together, paid it, and drove home in our Class A RV. A vehicle I never thought I’d own (for many reasons).

I’ll detail my reasons for not wanting a Class A RV later on, but these are the details of our motor home:

  • 1991 34′ Bounder by Fleetwood.
  • Ford chassis with a 460ci engine and a E4OD transmission.
  • Only 25,000 miles(!)
  • Onboard Onan generator.
  • Room to sleep 6 comfortably, with other options for smaller kids.
  • Tons of storage both inside and outside. The Bounder basements are the nicest I’ve ever seen.
  • New refrigerator, water heater, recent generator repair/upgrades.
  • Transmission rebuilt only 4,600 miles ago

The interior looks beautiful too with newer vinyl flooring and carpet. You can tell its been cared for and owned with pride.

I don’t think I’ll get into the initial problems we knew about with the RV in this first post. I’ll save those for later.

IMG_3846The purpose of this blog and YouTube series is to firstly have a place for my and my family to look back at our adventures with our travels and the experience of owning our Bounder RV. I also want to be able to help other families know what to expect if they decide to take the plunge into Class A RV ownership, both positive and negative.

Thanks for taking the time to read this first post and I hope you enjoy the journey!


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